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Wall upholsterers artisans is providing professional wall upholstered reupholstered for wall homes, mansions (living rooms, bedrooms, ceiling, home interior walls) and wall upholstery for commercial building such us: restaurants walls, theaters walls, cinemas walls, churches, etc.

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Wall upholstery services residential mansion and commercial wall upholstered by Manuel Lopez. Traditional Artisan wall Upholsterer working locally in Los Angeles, CA.

Wall upholstery is a traditional and elegant beauty of decorating your mansion or building from simple installation to a luxurious and expensive wall upholstered with a best and properly wall fabric and best materials used in wall upholstery traditional or modern.

At ML Upholstery we are insured and bounded by California. Professional Wall Upholstery Services, padded wall services, tufted and pleated custom design.

Our experience comes from European techniques developed over 25 years in business. Our artisans will perform the beauty and perfection of your wall.

Professional Wall Upholstery Services by Manuel Lopez

  • Cinema Wall Upholstery and Cinema Ceiling Upholstery
  • Theater Wall Upholstery and Reupholstery Service
  • Restaurant Wall Upholstery
  • Wall Fabrics
  • Commercial Wall Upholstery
  • Mansion Interior Wall Upholstery Interior Design Walls

Wall Upholstery Customer Service

Author: Manuel Lopez
Phone: (323) 706-9552