About Us

Story About Us

ML Upholstery was founded in 1988 By Manuel Lopez (A professional upholsterer) In Los Angeles, California. ML Upholstery is the premier furniture upholstery solution for the Los Angeles area and surrounding cities.

I specialize in commercial and residential furniture upholstery and reupholstery service.   I make any unique sofas into an upholstered beautiful piece for your eyes.   In fact, working with enthusiasm and passion I will deliver to you my best gift hand made and also 25 years of hard knowledge I have developed.

At my local upholstery shop I follow carefully these 3 steps in order to provide good estimate. First, after I get you call and check your photos, I go to your place and proceed to inspect your furniture (also you may want to bring me your furniture to my upholstery shop). Second, I stripe down your furniture and check the frame, fabric, and springs to make sure all of them are in good condition. Third, I give you an estimate according to your budget and condition of your furniture. I transport your furniture carefully to my local upholstery shop to work on it. After all, when it’s finished I call you to schedule delivery.

At ML Upholstery Design we always are making sure to offer our customers the best upholstery service in Los Angeles. I have thousands of fabrics for you to choose from real samples ready for touch and see to select best color and style. I always request from my fabrics companies providers the best quality and high standards fabrics to use in all projects. I don’t like fake upholstery fabrics neither you.

Commercial upholstery is a company service for local business owners. I offer all kinds of furniture from custom booths, sofas, chairs, and theater seats for companies in USA.  I will give you a company price list very affordable and economic for your company.

At ML Upholstery Design Los Angeles offers to you full upholstery services from small projects to big projects for business or residential. Thank you for reading  hope to hear from your.

My Mission

ML Upholstery is a professional upholstery shop aimed at offering high quality, trendy and moderated priced upholstery services to our customers. We view ourselves as partners with customers, employees and our community in California.

Our goal is to provide best quality upholstery solutions services with an excellent customer service. As a result, we listen and invest enough time to understand customers’ needs in order to provide our customers 100% satisfaction in a happy environment.