Patio Cushions

Outdoor Patio Cushions Custom Made and Replacement | waterproof Fabrics

Custom patio cushions replacement
Custom made patio cushions for outdoor furniture. Pool furniture Patio Cushions with waterproof fabrics by ML Upholstery.

It is easy to replace your old outdoor patio cushions for your home or office by adding a new custom made cushions with new fresh  waterproof fabric.  We have a broad assorted fabrics for any custom cushion in many styles to fit all sizes of your furniture. You can relax and watch around the pool or your garden on your outdoor furniture. All fabrics for  patio cushions we have are resistant to weather conditions such us: sunshine, chlorine damage , sun over exposure, weather radicals that damage the fiber, etc. We care all this situations when we design any patio cushions for your outdoor furniture. 

Outdoor Patio Cushions Manufacture
Custom Outdoor Patio Cushions Manufacture. Any size, any color you wish!!

Pool & Beach Patio Cushions Outdoor Furniture

We make gorgeous pool outdoor patio cushions for your pool or beach outdoor furniture. Enjoy the sun day and rest on peace with a new cushions.

pool patio cushions outdoor futniture
Pool Patio Cushions for outdoor furniture. Beach outdoor furniture patio cushions.

Cushions for a living

Make new patio cushions for a living at our local upholstery shop.

patio cushions for a living outdoor furniture
Patio Cushions for a living for any outdoor environments. New patio cushions design at ML Upholstery Services. Residential or Commercial use.


Experts making new patio cushions.

We understand customer needs by giving the best quality outdoor upholstery fabrics. We carry sumbrella waterproof fabrics with high standard for outdoor uses. Color Available for any environment pool or beach.

outdoor furniture with patio cushions
Outdoor furniture with new patio cushions. Design by ML Upholstery
Patio Cushions blue light color
Patio Cushions Custom Made Sample by ML Upholstery. Blue light color sumbrella fabric was used with this patio cushion for a customer. 

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