Patio Cushions Marina del Rey California

Custom Made Patio Cushions and Outdoor Furniture Upholstery in Marina del Rey California

We do custom outdoor patio cushions and exterior sofa upholstery in Marina del Rey, CA. ML Upholstery is a provider of furniture upholstery serving now your city. Our team with over 25 years of experience in custom furniture upholstery new or replacement patio cushions serving the community of Marina del Rey.

Patio Cushions Marina del Rey California
Patio Cushions Marina del Rey California | Outdoor Furniture Upholstery Services in Marina del Rey CA. Custom made patio cushions and sofa exterior use.

Outdoor Furniture Upholstery in Marina del Rey CA

Custom outdoor furniture upholstery in Marina del Rey, CA. We restore outdoor sofas and chairs upholstery with original sunbrella fabrics. Our craftsman well-trained by Manuel Lopez will restore your outdoor furniture. Call (323) 706-9552, you may send us photos and dimension of your outdoor furniture. You will be contacted soon with quote. Free pick-up and delivery for residents in Marina del Rey.

Marina del Rey patio cushions sunbrella fabrics  outdoor upholstery
Marina del Rey patio cushions sunbrella fabrics outdoor upholstery. Custom made outdoor chair cushions for exterior use. Serving the greater Marina del Rey California. By ML Upholstery.

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Outdoor Chair Cushions in Marina del Rey CA

Custom made outdoor chair cushions  for a customer in Marina del Rey Califonria. We replace for a new original sunbrella fabric for those cushions. See image below.

Outdoor Chair Cushions Marina del Rey CA
Outdoor Chair Cushions Marina del Rey CA. The cushions was made with new original sunbrella fabric for a customer living in Marina del Rey, CA. Pillows and cushions.

The beauty of exterior patio cushions is the fabric color and design combined with the ligh of your garden in your house. At ML Upholstery we care all those factors to decor your patio with nice cushions for your patio couch or chair. Enjoy with your friends and family with new comfortable cushions made with sunbrella fabrics.


Call for free quote, pick-up and delivery in Marina del Rey. Call Manuel Now (323) 706-9552. Manuel Lopez (Founder ML Upholstery).

Images Samples Patio Cushions


Outdoor furniture upholstery Venice Beach California

patio cushions sunbrella fabrics waterproof resistant
We carry original Sunbrella fabrics for your patio cushions.

Residential sectional sofa patio cushions outdoor upholstery patio cushions Marina del Rey California
Residential sectional sofa patio cushions outdoor upholstery patio cushions Marina del Rey California

Outdoor Furniture Upholstery Venice Beach CA

Outdoor Furniture Upholstery Venice Beach, CA

patio cushions sunbrella fabrics waterproof resistant
Custom made patio cushions with original sunbrella fabrics. SUNBRELLA® IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF GLEN RAVEN, INC in USA.

We do custom outdoor furniture upholstery sofas, chairs with new patio cushions for outdoor uses. Pool outdoor furniture re-upholstery in Venice Beach CA. 

Outdoor Sofa Upholstery Service – Service Provide by ML Upholstery

We do custom full outdoor sofa upholstery and re-upholstery services. Custom made outdoor sofa or couch restoration.  ML Upholstery is local company serving now Venice Beach, CA. Manuel Lopez (Owner) an experienced veteran with over 25 years in upholstery business in California. We redesign or restore any outdoor sofa that need to be retouched.

Restoring your outdoor sofa will save lots of money for your family.  Helping residents in Venice Beach to live better.

Outdoor furniture upholstery Venice Beach California
Outdoor furniture upholstery Venice Beach California, provided by ML Upholstery. Custom made outdoor sofa and chairs full restoration with sunbrella fabrics.

Patio Cushions Samples custom made in Venice Beach, CA

custom made patio cushions in Venice Beach California

Outdoo Patio Cushions Venice Beach California

patio cushions sunbrella fabrics waterproof resistant
Custom made patio cushions with original sunbrella fabrics. ML Upholstery serving Venice Beach. Houses and apartments outdoor patio cushions and pool cushions.




Patio Cushions Venice Beach California

Outdoor Patio Cushions Custom Made Serving Venice Beach, CA

Professional upholstery shop serving custom made patio cushions in Venice Beach, CA. Whit over 25 years in business of experience making new or custom replacement outdoor patio cushions for sofas and chairs. Pool cushions and custom made furniture reupholstery services. We are professional upholsterer for outdoor furniture upholstery and patio cushions serving all residents and commercial business in Venice Beach.

custom made patio cushions in Venice Beach California
Outdoor Patio Cushions Venice Beach California. Custom made and Sunbrella fabric replacement outdoor cushions.

Sunbrella Fabrics Patio Cushions Venice Beach, CA

We carry high quality original sunbrella water proof fabrics for your outdoor patio cushions. Order your fabric at the same time we provide the quote in your location. Or send us photos of our cushions and size, we provide online customer service by email and phone. For customer service call (323) 706-9552 Manuel Lopez. Sunbrella fabrics for patio cushions and general outdoor furniture upholstery services at Venice Beach, CA.

patio cushions sunbrella fabrics waterproof resistant
Custom made patio cushions with original sunbrella fabrics waterproof resistant. Sunbrella is a trademark US registered of Glen Raven.

We carry thousand of sunbrella fabrics samples  available to show you in Venice Beach California. Give us a call for an immediate quote by phone. After that, we will go to your location to inspect your sofa and cushions.

The #1 business in California serving to customer’s location patio cushions and outdoor furniture upholstery. Now serving Venice Beach, CA.

Venice Beach Patio Cushions Replacement Video | Patio Cushion Samples

Venice Beach Outdoor Furniture Upholstery

Our craftsman specialize in outdoor furniture upholstery new custom made or general restoration re-upholstery with new foam and original sunbrella fabrics. Serving locally to residents in Venice Beach, CA.


Outdoor Sofa Cushions Replacement Venice Beach CA
Outdoor Sofa Cushions Replacement Venice Beach CA


Couch Repair Outdoor Upholstery Beverly Hills CA

Fantastic Couch Repair | Outdoor Upholstery Services in Beverly Hills California | Traditional Upholstery

Professional upholstery outdoor couch restoration and Patio Cushions serving Beverly Hills California.  We are specialist artisans restoration patio cushions custom made, restaurant booth upholstery, sectional sofa, chair upholstery, antique restoration. We do traditional Upholstery (crafted padding and covering by hand).

Outdoor Patio Cushions Manufacture
Custom outdoor patio cushions  custom made in Beverly Hills California.

Beverly Hills Upholsterer | Upholstery Shop Services in Beverly Hills, CA. | Outdoor Upholstery Furniture

Are you looking for a professional upholsterer in BEVERLY HILLS, CA? No problem, we have the best experienced upholsterers  serving now the residents in Beverly Hills.  Serving sofa repair, couch restoration, patio cushions, slipcovers for sofas and chairs, restaurant booth upholstery for restaurants located at Beverly Hills, CA.  We offer Free Quote, Pickup and Delivery included in all jobs made by our artisans. Get free quote.


nice new sofa with 2 cushions white color
Beautiful Sofa Upholstered at our local upholstery Shop. Serving Upholstery Services in Beverly Hills California.
patio cushions made in Bevelry Hills
Beverly Hills Patio Cushions samples, custom made with sumbrella fabric patio cushions in Beverly Hills. Good quality custom made outdoor patio cushions in Beverly Hills California.

Outdoor Upholstery Furniture included pool cushions, pool sofa custom made, sun sofas, chairs, and slipcovers. You may use different accessories or fabrics water proof resistant in your furniture. We have the solution to any damage outdoor upholstery. We fix or restore any outdoor furniture upholstery in Beverly Hills CA.


Finally, ML Upholstery is the best place where you can make your new patio cushions, and custom outdoor furniture upholstery and restoration in your city of Beverly Hills, CA.

Couch upholstered in Los Angeles by ML Upholstery Manuel Lopez
Couch upholstered in Los Angeles by ML Upholstery. Manuel Lopez


adding foam to the frame booth
Upholsterer at Ml Upholstery adding foam to the restaurant booth. Commercial Upholstery Services.


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Full sofa upholstery repair services for residential customers. We care most sofas, modern, antique or classic styles are welcome to my upholstery shop.

When upholstering sofa I take care all part of the sofa. Upholstering sofa is art. I do art upholstering most sofas in my upholstery shop. Let me help you by fixing your damage sofa.

Every style and color fabrics I have in catalog for your sofa.

Call me (323) 737-7543

Manuel Lopez
Founder ML Upholstery

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Custom upholstery Santa Clarita California

Custom upholstery Santa Clarita services is offered by ML Upholstery. We are provider of custom sofa, chair, patio cushions, and slipcovers. We upholster any furniture in Santa Clarita. Fred estimate, pick up and delivery.

Upholstery Fabrics in Santa Clarita

If you are thinking to buy fabrics in Santa Clarita for your sofa,  we have new selections upholstery fabrics on sale. We work with most fabrics providers companies in California. low and high qualities at different prices. Call us or visit our showroom to see our fabrics.

Upholstery Services in Santa Clarita:

  • Sofa repair
  • Chair repair
  • New custom sofa
  • Patio cushions
  • Slipcovers
  • Restaurant booths upholstery services for restaurants business
  • Benches
  • Hospitality furniture upholstery in Santa Clarita, CA
  • Fabric upholstery sells

Call or Email Us, we have customers in Santa Clarita for reference.

Santa Clarita upholstery furniture fabrics and upholstery services.
Santa Clarita upholstery fabrics on Sale.



Upholstery Beverly Hills California Furniture Upholstery

Upholstery Beverly Hills California Beverly Hills upholstery Repair – 90210

Beverly Hills, California is famous for its celebrity sightings and beautiful homes, but for many residents of this best renowned and tremendous grow city, Beverly Hills is a community of professionals and families working and living to create a happy and  wonderful  life for themselves and their most loved persons. ML Upholstery service, the leading upholsterers in the Los Angeles upholstery industry, have over 25 years of experience serving to the specials clientele with confidentiality and privacy for all Beverly Hills customers.

upholstered red sofa in Beverly Hills California

Upholstery Beverly Hills is provided by ML Upholstery services a premiere of custom residential and commercial furniture restoration. In Beverly Hills we upholster sofaschairssectionals sofas custom madeheadboardspatio cushions, new sofa cushions, outdoor furniture upholstery, etc. ML Beverly Hills Upholstery is the greater upholstery shop in Beverly Hills California.

ML Upholstery in Beverly Hills is the number one upholstery shop in Beverly Hills now serving proudly upholstery restoration. Helping families live better.

The skilled upholsterers at ML Upholstery specialize in the repair and custom new made furniture. The skilled upholsterers at Beverly Hills Upholstery are familiar with all major furniture brands know in USA and also works will all major providers of upholstery fabrics made in USA.

Upholstery Beverly Hills aims to provide best customer service, high quality, lowest prices, and flexible pick up or  fast delivery  where is possible to customers in Beverly Hills.

At Upholstery Beverly Hills we understand customer needs. The key to our success is listening customer needs. We ensure buying made quality American materials and upholstery supplies we use.  With over 25 years of combined experience we promise to give you the best quality styles and most upholstered furniture in Beverly Hills. As a result we claim that we are the best in Beverly Hills Upholstery.

Beverly Hills Upholstery is a great service in the furniture interior design and upholstery category in your city. This unique furniture upholstery shop will make the Beverly Hill area a great place to work with residents in the area.

Beverly Hills Upholstery shop services from old sofa to brand new sofa. Let Manuel Lopez (owner) and his employees help to restore your beloved furniture. You may bring any furniture such us: sectional sofacushionscouches, single sofas, love seatschairspatio cushionsoutdoor furniturerestaurant booths, or any other furniture.   You will impress your eyes with our secret magic making new fresh furniture for use to enjoy in family for long time from now.

Why hire ML Upholstery Beverly Hills Upholstery Shop

Go to ML Upholstery In Beverly Hills for any furniture upholstery project.  From commercial to residential upholstery services in Beverly Hills, CA, because we considered the best local upholstery shop near you are. Thing about saving your time, saving money to your pocket, get American new upholstery fabric (made in USA), long warranty, full refund for damages,  25 years of experience, free estimate and delivery to your location, and great customer service. All services are added when you hire ML Upholstery in Beverly Hills. We go to your place or you came to us. Manuel loves to do business in Beverly Hills with most friendly residents. Best rated #1 upholstery shop industry in Beverly Hills. 

Set up an appointment in Beverly Hills in California


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Upholstery Culver City California

Culver City Upholstery Furniture Services. Patio Cushion, Sofas, Chair, Sectionals, Benches, and more.

ML Upholstery Culver City offer a full upholstery service in  Culver City. Commercial and residential upholstery services for resident of Culver City. We are local upholstery shop serving more customers.

We upholstery sofas, chairs, ottomans, headboards, restaurant booths, casino chairs, theaters chairs, hotel sofas and chairs, motel furniture, etc.

Why you should call ML Upholstery Culver City California

At  ML Upholstery shop furniture Culver City Service when refinishing furniture we care most customer needs giving the following services:

  • Free estimate to Culver City 
  • Fast work done by schedule
  •  Custom service 100% Satisfaction
  • Free pick up and delivery
  • Custom made sofas and chairs

You can bring your sofa to our local upholstery shop and enjoy full 20% discount . Also add an extra veteran discount. Any upholstery shop offers our discounts.

Contact us by email for Free estimate.

Restaurant Booths Santa Monica | Commercial Upholstery Santa Monica

Upholstering Restaurant Booths Santa Monica

Commercial upholstery Santa Monica is a full service by ML Upholstery. At our upholstery shop we design any custom sofa or chair by professional upholsterers socialists.

Restaurant Booths Upholstery Santa Monica

wood frame booth  for a restaurant
Custom made wood frame booth for a restaurant by ML Upholstery

ML Upholstery Commercial Upholstery is a leader in restaurant booths upholstery services. Reupholstered restaurant booths saves money for your restaurant, most important a new breathes into life environment simple by getting noticed by your customers.   At our upholstery shop we make new custom restaurant booths for any restaurant located in Santa Monica, CA. 

Restaurant Booths Santa Monica

We make new custom restaurant booths in Santa Monica, because most restaurants needs a good comfort for their customers, we help b making or restoring any  booths size for your  restaurant. Serving the great diversity restaurant booths in Santa Monica area, we we have work with some best known restaurants, hotel restaurants, nightclubs restaurants and bars. We provide excellent expertise to decorate the interior with new restaurant booths.

New Restaurant Booth upholstered in Santa Monica  by ML Upholstery
New custom made restaurant booth in Santa Monica By ML Upholstery

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Upholstery Santa Monica California

Sofa upholstery Santa Monica

Custom sofa upholstery  Santa Monica California by ML Upholstery. We offer full service upholstery residential and commercial upholstery services in Santa Monica for sofas, chairs, headboards, ottomans, custom new sofa sectionals for home interiors.

Upholstery Design in Santa Monica

We design new custom furniture sofas and chairs. We also do commercial upholstery design furniture upholstery . Upholstery Santa Monica design. Upholstery Santa Monica services.

nice sofa upholstered in Santa Monica Ca
Two sofas upholstered with new fabric, new cushions in Santa Monica.
sectional sofa upholstery
Sofa Sectional upholstered by ML Upholstery Services in Santa Monica California.