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Pico Rivera Upholstery service the leading upholsterer in the upholstery industry, have over 25 years of experience serving to the specials clients with confidentiality and privacy for Upholstery in the great area of Pico Rivera, CA.

Pico Rivera upholstery service is provided by  ML Upholstery a premiere of custom residential an commercial furniture restoration. In Pico Rivera we upholstery sofas, chairs, sectional sofas custom-made, custom headboard upholstery, custom-made patio cushions, new sofa cushions for sofas, outdoor furniture upholstery, etc. ML Upholstery Pico Rivera is the greater upholstery shop serving California cities. ML Upholstery in Pico Rivera is the number one upholstery shop in California. Helping families live better.

Custom furniture upholstery Pico Rivera services has best prices compared with competitors. We fix any estimate from others upholsterer in your area. The skilled upholsterer at ML Furniture  specialize in the repair and custom new-made furniture. Manuel Lopez master upholsterer at  ML Upholstery knows all major furniture brands known in USA and also works will all major providers of upholstery fabrics made in USA. We sell upholstery fabric at retail prices in South Gate, CA.

Pico Rivera upholstery services we offer:

  1. Commercial upholstery furniture such us: restaurant booths for any restaurant, hotels, motels, casinos, and nightclubs or any other business category related.
  2. Residential upholstery furniture: for homes, singles, and apartments.

We aims to provide best customer service, high quality, lowest prices, and flexible pick up or  fast delivery  where is possible to customers in Pico Rivera, California. At our upholstery shop we understand customer needs. The key to our success is listening customer needs. We ensure buying made quality American materials and upholstery supplies we use.

With over 25 years of experience we promise to give you the best quality styles and best upholstered furniture in Pico Rivera. As a result we claim that we are the best to upholster your furniture. Warranty and full refund you get if you are not satisfied with our job.

Pico Rivera upholstery is a great service in the furniture interior design and upholstery category in California. This unique furniture upholstery shop will make the Pico Rivera area a great place to work with residents in the area. From old sofa to new sofa. 

Let Manuel Lopez (Author) and his employees help to restore your beloved furniture. You may bring any furniture such us: sectional sofas, cushions, couches, living room sofas, love seats, chairs, patio cushions, outdoor furniture, restaurant booths, bedroom sofas, or any other furniture you own.

Why hire ML Upholstery?

Going to ML Upholstery for any furniture upholstery project you may get great upholstery services convenient and reliable for your pocket.  From commercial to residential upholstery services, because we considered the best  local upholstery shop near you area.

Ok, think about saving your time, saving money to your pocket, buy American upholstery fabrics (made in USA), long warranty, full refund for damages,  25 years of experience, free estimate and delivery to your location, and great customer service.

All services are added when you hire ML Upholstery. We go to your place or you came to us. Manuel loves to do business with customers in the area. We consider best rated #1 online local upholstery shop in the industry.

Pico Rivera Upholstery Services:

  • Patio cushions.
  • Sofa Cushions custom-made,  beautiful fabrics colors at retail prices.
  • Outdoor furniture upholstery. Sofa outdoor, chair outdoor, patio cushions, benches.
  • Commercial Upholstery: Hotels, Restaurants, Cinemas, and hospitals in Pico Rivera California.
  • Residential Upholstery: homes and apartments.

There are three reasons to go to ML Upholstery in South Gate:

  1. Free estimate
  2. Free pick up and delivery
  3. Best prices compared with competitor in South Gate
upholsterer serving upholstery in Pico Rivera California.
Pico Rivera Upholstery furniture service. Professional upholsterer serving furniture upholstery in Pico Rivera California.
Professional upholsterer serving furniture upholstery in Pico Rivera California.

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